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An example of how "Morning Surprise" came about.

Above is my pencil sketch with the highlights blocked out with masking fluid. To the right I began with a watercolour wash using chrome green and paynes grey watercolours. I then started to block in Nellipe with a warm grey prismacolor pencil.

Next the patio floor was covered with a wash of burnt orange and sienna watercolors and I began to establish the wood. Nell was finished with prismacolor pencils. Her beautiful blue eyes were done first, and  the rest of the flowers were also done in prismacolor pencils.


Graphite Portraits

Graphite photos are especially nice for an office or a bedroom. This is one of "The KIng" with his Mom's doggie "Sweet Pea"

An invite to be a featured  one of two artists for an article on Artsy Shark on How Artists Gain Commissions. This is a real honour for me. A very nice article sharing some thoughts on how we portrait artists share and take commissions.  ......

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February 14, 2016

Favourite Friends -A Children's Story

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March 15, 2016

Read my story of a pair of favourite friends. You'll find it in the blog section on my Fine Art America site. Just click the above domain and click on my blog .

Letter from Liza D.

March 15, 2016

Dear Pat, you made me cry!!  We had to put our beloved Daisy down on Dec.9, she could no longer use her back legs, and we could not control her pain any longer. Now she is on rainbow bridge with all of her furry friends and family. It is such a privilege and honor to me  having you paint  Daisy and Charlie"s portraits You are the best and I am sure you will inspire every one who sees your paintings, because we  can see how much love you put into each and every one of them. We also lost Butterscotch in Nov. I hope all is well with yourself and Walter.We will call you soon.